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D Chel Weld is one of the largest Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India. Cobalt Filler Wire has versatile applications and produces weld quality of high standards. A Cobalt Filler Wire is a metal added in the formation of a two fold throughsoldering, welding, or brazing.These Wires can also be customized relating to their size and thickness as per clients requirements. Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India has also implemented various procedures and initiatives to promote the growth of the manufacturing and services sectors.

Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturers, Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier & Stockists in India.

D Chel Weld is one of the Leading Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India. Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier in India cater to both domestic and international markets and are highly regarded for their unique designs and quality. we will explore some of the different types of Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier in India. It’s often used in heavy-duty industrial fabrication and manufacturing and is not typically recommended for beginner and hobbyist applications. We also supply Corrosion Resistant Alloys Welding Wire Manufacturer in India.

Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer Specification, Grades & Sizes :

Cobalt Filler Wire are available in various Size, Standard, Grade. Each with its own Specifications.

Cobalt Filler Wire Specification
Size 0.087” dia. (2.2mm dia.) X 39” length
Packaging 11lbs in a Polyethylene Tube
Form MIG spools, TIG cut lengths, Reels and Coils
Type Of Welding Inert Gas Welding

Top Selling Cobalt Filler Wire

All types of Cobalt Filler Wire are available and ready to supply.

Cobalt Filler Wire Chemical Composition

The features of a substance that may be seen when it undergoes a chemical transition are known as its chemical composition. Following is the chemical composition of Cobalt Filler Wire.

Iron: Balance
Cobalt: 18
Chromium: 22
Molybdenum: 3
Tungsten: 2.5
Nickel: 20
Tantalum: 0.6
Nitrogen: 0.20
Silicon: 0.4
Manganese: 1
Aluminum: 0.2
Carbon: 0.10
Lanthanum: 0.02
Zirconium: 0.02

Cobalt Filler Wire Mechanical Properties

Hardness and ductility are examples of mechanical properties. Hardness describes a material’s resistance to permanent deformation, and ductility describes a material’s capacity for deformation without breaking. Following are the mechanical properties of Cobalt Filler Wire.

Temperature Rupture Properties: Stress Required to Produce Rupture in:
100 h 1,000 h 10,000 (Est.)
°F °C ksi MPa ksi MPa ksi MPa
1400 760 28.0 193 23 159 19 131
1600 870 16.0 110 11.5 79 8.5 59

Application & Uses of Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India

  • Cobalt Filler Wire is most commonly used to weld thin sections of stainless steel and non – ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys.
  • The aerospace industry is one of the primary users of gas tungsten arc welding,
  • It is also frequently employed to weld small-diameter, thin-wall tubing such as those used in the bicycle industry.
  • Cobalt Filler Wire is often used in piping of various sizes.

Packaging and Delivery of Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier in India

Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque and others.

Packaging:Cobalt Filler Wire are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.

Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.

Tax: 18% GST

Client Project Of Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India

We are Top Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India and make products using the highest quality raw material, which is why we have such a large client base. D chel Weld products are utilized in a broad variety of applications across the world. Clients from various cities frequently request Cobalt Filler Wire, and we are Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier in India to over 24 cities. If you have any questions regarding the products, and services send us an email at or send us a WhatsApp message at +91 86579 11405 with your specifications.

Products Cities
Cobalt Filler Wire Stockists Facilities Hyderabad
Cobalt Filler Wire supplier Mumbai
Lightly Cobalt Filler Wire Kolkata
Heavily Cobalt Filler Wire Gujrat

Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in India

D Chel Weld is one of the largest Cobalt Filler Wire Supplier in India. Due to its dependability and performance, we are one of India’s top Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer In India. From Indian ports, to a various of clients every month. We offer our products in a number of India cities.

Manufacturer & Supplier in the following Cities
Bengaluru Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Pune
New Delhi Ahmedabad Jaipur Surat Salem Gandhinagar
Bhiwandi Tiruppur Sivakasi Jamnagar Thiruvananthapuram Rajahmundry
Bhubaneswar Vijaywada Firozabad Bokaro Steel City Rajkot Bharuch
Panna Raipur Cochin Ludhiana Panipat Durgapur
Peenya Pimpri-Chinchwad Channapatna Kharagpur Nashik Bareilly
Varanasi Haldia Rourkela Bangalore Moradabad Indore
Visakhapatnam Trivandrum Pithampur Dibrugarh Angul Gwalior
Coimbatore Kannur Nagpur Vadodara Rudrapur Noida
Agra Bhagalpur Jamshedpur Bhilai Lucknow kanpur
Thane Bhopal

Cobalt Filler Wire Manufacturer in following countries

We are one of the leading Cobalt Filler Wire Stockist In India. We export more than 80 tons of Cobalt Filler Wire from India. For our recently acquired clients, we frequently ship to a number of different countries.

Manufacturer & Exporter in the following countries
Saudi Arabia Oman Kuwait Netherlands Iran
Bahrain Qatar UAE Africa China
Nigeria Mexico Canada Venezuela United Kingdom
United States South Africa Malaysia Bangladesh Turkey
Singapore Sri Lanka Australia Brazil